What is the benefit of panel LED light compared with fluorescent tube lamp

led panel lamp manufacturerThe setup of LED Panel lights could offer an cosmetically pleasing as well as contemporary upgrade to your office atmosphere as well as maintaining a high level of energy performance.

50% energy saving
LED Panel lights serve as an affordable replacement for traditional T8 as well as T12 fluorescent tubes. The regular application is the replacement of 1 or 2 x 1200mm T8 36W fluorescent tubes with 20W or 40W LED Panels (1200 x 300 or 600 x 600 mm) mirroring an electrical power saving of up to 50%.

As much as 10 times longer life
With an extended life time of 5 to 10 times that of the typical fluorescent tube depending upon the quality as well as sort of the original tube as well as the operating cycle, LVT LED panel light substitutes exceeds the specs of any kind of current T5 fluorescent tube replacement. Along with decreased life, the fluorescent tube will certainly additionally deteriorate quicker such that the initial lumen result is decreased to 70% by 10,000 hours where at this moment the LED Panel light will still have roughly 90% of the initial lumen outcome.

Optimal Colour Temperature and also Work Environment
Many fluorescent workplace lighting produces a colour temperature level or light colour which is as well white. With LED Panel illumination we can customize the colour temperature of your workplace or other workplace to a much more optimal colour temperature typically between 4500 and 6500K. Various studies have actually revealed that job efficiency could improve at colour temperature levels which are a closer match to midday daylight or 4500 to 5000K.

Flexible Driver Solutions
Again adaptable driver remedy is vital for maintaining the life of the LED pane light. Instead of supplying the typical LED panel lamp manufacturer (www.lvt-lighting.com) panel light which includes an inaccessible interior driver we offer an choice of making use of a lengthy life external driver or trademarked replaceable plug and play chauffeur which after several years of operation can be quickly unpluged and changed by general upkeep team to supply many more years of operation. We have such confidence in this exchangeable chauffeur system that we offer a 5 year commercial guarantee.